Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

A couple of weeks ago, we asked some friends out for dinner. After some back and forth as to the date and time, we all finally agreed. I should mention here that these are close friends who we hadn’t seen in a while, so we were really looking forward to catching up with them over a good long meal.

However, as an anti-climax they also mentioned they would invite some additional friends who we might get along with. Initially, it felt like a little bit of a let down because we thought we wouldn’t really be able to catch up with new people around. But the real reason I think, and this is me being completely honest, is that we hadn’t really hung out with people in a large group outside of work in a long time. We had gotten so used to hanging out one-on-one with friends, we weren’t sure if we’d really enjoy it.

Nonetheless, we went into it with a positive attitude, and as you can imagine things turned out pretty well. Everyone was really nice and we got along great. We also ended up making a whole bunch of new friends. We even hung out after dinner chit-chatting and making plans to hang out together again.

So, all in all, I’m really glad we pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone. As for the catching up, well, we have another dinner lined up soon. 🙂