The Hottest Toy Fad: Fidget Spinners

The Honey Bee recently caved and gave in to the latest fad. That’s right; she bought me a fidget spinner. (And what a deal! She paid exactly € 1). Over the last few months, no matter where we went, we always saw kids playing with these spinners. They were often also mentioned in the news media. Heres a piece on it by CNN, another by the New York Post.

For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock and are unaware of what it is, it’s generally a 3 pronged plastic device with a ball bearing in the center, although there do exist a number of variations. The center also has a slight indent on both sides allowing for the device to be held between the thumb and the index finger. As for the 3 prongs, they are slightly weighted to allow for greater balance and speed. The design allows for the device to spin around its central axis because of the ball bearing.

I did a little research on it, and based on this Wikipedia article, the origins are unclear. However it seems to have a similarity to a product initially conceived in the early 90s. It is often also attributed to helping kids with ADHD, autism, etc. deal with their anxieties and relieve stress, although that is not conclusively proven.

It’s become so popular in the mainstream, that it has become the toy to have. Apparently, variations of the spinner have occupied the top 20 spots on Amazon’s best sellers list for toys. Their popularity amongst kids has even led to many schools banning them, or putting in place rules regarding their use because they cause distractions in classrooms. Fun as they are, some care is warranted because if not, you can easily hurt yourself (seriously).

While I haven’t yet started carrying it the office, I am considering it. In the meantime, you should give it a go. It really is a fun feeling holding and playing with the spinner while it does its thing. Over time, you will start doing tricks with it, like this and this.

Happy Spinning!