My 2 cents on e-book readers

Today, I’d like to take a minute to focus on a much debated topic. No, I’m not talking about Trump, or his immigration policies. Today’s post is about something far more interesting: e-book readers.

Let me get started with a little bit of background. For the first 12-14 years of my life, I hated books with a vengeance and would do what I could to avoid them in my free time. Dad literally had to force me to read. This included resorting to bribery, guilt trips and oftentimes, a good old-fashioned scolding. He made me start with newspapers and then moved me on to books.

Because of all the forcing, I now really enjoy reading (Thanks dad!) and consider it a source of growth and personal development. I consider myself a news junkie (the text kind, not the TV/radio kind). While I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a book-worm, I am certainly never against the idea of plopping myself onto the bean bag and devouring a good book. While I certainly don’t get as much time to read as I used to, I enjoy getting in a few hours of reading during the weekends, and maybe an hour or two during the week.

My first transition away from paper books and to e-books was with an old tablet that I repurposed to use as an e-book reader. While it worked all right, it always did cause some strain to the eyes. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but I’d often find myself reading at an angle to avoid the full glare of the tablet from hurting my eyes, especially at night. I had looked into e-readers a number of times in the past, but was never quite convinced that the € 100 or so investment was worth it. The Honey Bee has also tried to convince me on multiple occasions, but her efforts were in vain.

Finally, up about 2 weeks ago, I took the plunge. After looking around for a bit I settled on the Amazon Kindle. Now, there are a number of other pprwt
brands out there that have hardware that is just as good. The most popular one I found was the Kobo. However, I decided to go with Amazon simply for the size of its book store. You see, when you buy an e-book, you are more or less permanently tied to that device maker’s online bookstore. And since Amazon had its beginnings selling books, and is now a global giant, I figured they’d probably have one of the largest collections. Plus, I figure the chances of Amazon going bust in the foreseeable future are significantly lower than those of the other manufacturers.

My first book on the Kindle Paperwhite is a classic: A Random Walk Down Wall Street (Burton Malkiel). I must say, the difference in the reading experience is stark. The technology makes it feel like I’m reading a real book on paper with little to no strain associated with the screen. This is a welcome change that I feel will allow me to read more, especially after days when my eyes are fatigued from staring at a screen at work all day.

To sum up, I’d highly recommend you consider getting an e-reader, especially if you’ve already made the transition to e-books and are reading on a tablet/ phone/ phablet/ computer. My recommendation is the Kindle for the above-mentioned reasons. I chose the Paperwhite ‘coz it’s fairly well priced at c. €120 and offers backlighting which allows me to read in low light conditions or at night.

Happy reading!