An Eventful Afternoon in Platja d’Aro

After a brief hiatus, we picked up our travels once again and visited our 2nd favorite beach town along the Costa Brava: Platja d’Aro. Readers will remember our favorite is currently Tossa de Mar, which we have visited multiple times over the last year.

After driving around for quite a bit in search of parking, we found an open “spot” in an undeveloped construction site. It truly amazes me every time I think about it. The number of people driving around looking for parking at any given moment is ridiculous. I remember reading about a statistic that close to 20% of cars on the streets of Paris at any given time are not trying to get anywhere, but are simply looking for parking. I would imagine that number to be close to the same for Barcelona as well.

In any case, once we parked, we decided to do a short hike. Most beaches in these coastal towns tend to be connected by way of a rough path weaving along the coast. These paths tend to be unpaved and quite rudimentary, with a LOT of ups and downs to navigate the changing terrain. We had probably walked close to 30 minutes when I realized my wallet was missing. It was entirely possible that I had forgotten my wallet in the car. But, it was also equally possible that I had dropped it/had it stolen along the way. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember whether or not I had taken the wallet from the car. Not being one to take chances, I opened up my banking app and conveniently canceled my cards from my smartphone. Unfortunately, my wallet also contained my driving license and other government issued IDs that can be a headache to replace.


We retraced our steps, leaving my phone number with local restaurants along the way in case someone happened to turn in a lost wallet. By the time we reached the car, we were soaked in sweat, tanned from the scorching sun overhead and tired. We had maintained a brisk pace during the hike back hoping that if it had slipped out of my pocket, we might find my wallet before anyone else does.

Much to our relief, we found it sitting on the dashboard of the car. We grabbed my wallet and headed back to the trail, hiking 20 minutes till we reached a beach we liked. We bought ourselves some cold sangria from a chiringuito (beach shack) and were ready to relax when we found out they were out of rental umbrellas and loungers. As luck would have it we had a beach umbrella in the car, but were too exhausted to make the long and tiring journey back to the car. Eventually, we got lucky and found a shaded area right next to the water and laid out our beach towel.


I must confess that all these mishappenings had left me a little grumpy. The Honey Bee, being the beacon of positivity that she is, kept our spirits up. Not even my grumpiness could hold out against her bubbliness and soon we were both enjoying ourselves again. She brought out her sketch book and started painting the landscape. Meanwhile, I sipped my drink and decided to take a little siesta.

It was a beautiful afternoon in a veritable paradise, with the sun setting behind us, our feet buried in the soft sand and the soothing sound of the waves lapping gently against the beach.