Day Trip to Sitges

Since it’s a long weekend, we decided to make the most of it and take as many day trips as we could.

We just got back from a great day trip to Sitges, a beautiful little beach town about an hour from Barcelona. Apart from being well-known as one of the most gay friendly places in the world, Sitges is very popular for its beaches, nightspots and historical sites. More than once it has been referred to as the St. Tropez of Spain (in reference to the expensive property prices) and Ibiza in miniature. Once you get there, it doesn’t take too long to realize how heavily the local economy is dependent on tourism.

Given that we are in peak summer season, the town was packed. Quite a contrast from the peaceful and sparsely populated version I have gotten used to during my other visits throughout the year. You can also tell based on how long it takes to find parking. Driving along the beautiful beach front promenade, we found a spot that was probably a 20 minute walk from the main beach. We’re not complaining though; it was nice to walk along the beach, taking in the beautiful waters and enjoying the gentle breeze under the summer sun and the palm trees.


The beachfront promenade is an excellent walk, lined with little restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops. This time, a close friend joined us for lunch. The 3 of us sat down at a wonderful waterfront restaurant. The restaurant, which I would recommend to everyone, is called La Santa Maria– after the largest ship that Christopher Columbus used in his first voyage. We ordered the best and most mouth-watering tomato soup I have ever had. We also ordered some bread, accompanied by a special butter. If you ever do decide to visit, you have to specifically ask for this butter to be brought to you. Called Aioli butter, it’s one comfort food that you just can’t get enough of. You could lather the entire bread with this garlicy treat, and it still wouldn’t be enough. We also ordered some lip-smacking spinach lasagna and garlic mushrooms. Now, this doesn’t happen often, but we were extremely satisfied with every single thing we ordered.


We followed up our heavy meal with a quick visit to one of the many ice cream shops. I got a delicious strawberry cream and the Honey Bee got her regular stracciatella, both perfect to beat the heat. We wrapped up the visit with a leisurely stroll around the beachfront, enjoying the scenic views of the beaches, churches and the some of the town’s history.

This is my fifth happy visit to Sitges, and we’re hoping for many many more.