Tranquility at Tossa de Mar

Since we have some family visiting, we decided to show them some of Spain’s beautiful beaches. We thought it would be nice to visit Tossa de Mar, a small beach town on the Costa Brava and spend the day there. We chose it because the Honey Bee and I have visited there before and really liked the place. Upon arrival, we sat down for a late lunch at a wonderfully reviewed Italian restaurant overlooking the beachfront. Just so you don’t underestimate how beautiful the view was, above is a picture I took sitting at our table.


This view was accompanied by a mouth-watering and extremely satisfying juicy mozzarella cheese salad accompanied with ripe bright red tomatoes and a fresh tangy pesto sauce. According to TripAdvisor, the restaurant is also very famous for their garlic bread ball, which we tried. It is essentially an inflated ball of thin garlic bread, larger than a football, topped with loads of olive oil and Mediterranean spices. I really wanted to take a picture to be able to share here, but I was too overcome by its delicious goodness. 😉

After some walking around, we decided to spend some time on the beach. Even though the water was nippy, there were quite a few people in it. As we sat there taking in the sun, perched on some rocks at the end of the beach, we couldn’t help but notice how clear and colorless the water was, offering an unobstructed view of the fish swimming around and the sand at the bottom.

Since we hadn’t really planned on entering the water, we didn’t bring along swimsuits. We waded around in the shallow water, with our shorts rolled up as high as they would go. But the Honey Bee saw how much I was enjoying it and shot off, only to come back a few minutes later with a big grin and a pair of really short swim shorts from one of the many beachfront stores.

The feeling of taking a dip in the cool Mediterranean is truly indescribable. As I stood there neck-deep, soaking in the cool waters I felt the sand move around my toes and saw schools of fish swim around my body. I swam around close to the shore, moving with the waves breaking in the shallows. When I got tired of swimming, I let my body float. The cool water on my back, the warm sun on my front, with views of the clear sky, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the ultimate paradise. As I floated, I bobbed up and down with the tide and felt cradled, like a child being lulled into a relaxed slumber.


After spending probably an hour in the water, we got out and sun-dried on the rocks. By this time, it was evening and it had started to get cooler. We walked to a shower on the beach. As the chilled water from the shower hit my head, cool breezes of wind suddenly lashed my body. Initially, the combination knocked the breath out of me. I felt every pore on my body react and had goosebumps.

But as I stood there showering in the cold water, with views of the beach, the Mediterranean sea beyond and the sun setting on the horizon, I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying just being there in that moment. I was overcome with a sensation of complete calm and tranquility. I took a mental picture of that moment and what I was feeling, all the while hoping that moment could last forever.




We had a chance to revisit Tossa de Mar, and we ensured we took a lot of pictures to share. Click here to see the pictures from the revisit.