Fitness and Gym Memberships


For most people, the start of the New Year marks a new set of mostly bound to fail resolutions. For me, it also included recycling of resolutions from years past. One of them: to get into better physical shape.

After having signed up for a 6 month membership at the fanciest gym in town the year before last, and barely ever having visited the place, I decided to not waste my money on gym memberships. Instead, I started jogging, occasionally exercising at home, and walking to work whenever possible. However, as the weather got colder, I found my activity levels decreasing. My jogging frequency dropped from multiple times a week, to only the weekends, to once a week, to almost nothing. Walking to work had a similar fate. It wasn’t so much laziness, (yes, okay, maybe a little bit) but more so the cold weather.

For those of you who haven’t tried it, running in windy weather with temperatures of 10º C and below really takes its toll. While you’re running, it’s manageable, sometimes even fun. But even a short 10 second pause to catch your breath, or stop for a changing traffic light results in a dizzy, light-headed feeling. I often found myself having to sit down until I felt better.

This is when I started re-considering the possibility of joining a gym. However, before signing up, I wanted to ensure I would attend regularly and make good use of the membership. I tried to study my patterns and history with gym memberships to eliminate any excuses I might make for not wanting to go.

  • Too crowded: I visited the gym on a trial membership at the hours I would normally visit to ensure that it wasn’t too crowded and that I didn´t have to wait very long to get the machine I wanted. Excuse eliminated!
  • Too hot/Too cold: Again, visits during the trial membership and a sweatshirt solved that. Excuse eliminated!
  • Too far away: This time, instead of a signing up for a membership at the high-end gym that was a 20 minute drive from home, I found a more modest gym that is a short walk. That way, come heat, cold, rain or hail, the gym is only a stone’s throw. Excuse eliminated!
  • Too expensive: An excuse I used last time to not renew my gym membership was that it was too expensive. This was compounded by the fact that I barely visited the gym because of the distance. This new gym is more modestly priced. Excuse eliminated!

GmembershipI finally took the leap and signed up. For the first time ever, I signed up for a month by month membership instead of the cheaper 6 month membership because I figured seeing the money leave my bank account every month might incentivize (or guilt me) into going more often. I even managed to negotiate away the registration costs.

I am proud to say I attended and worked out with gusto both days of the weekend. The high one gets after a good workout is unbeatable.

Let’s see if that high is enough to keep me coming back for the rest of the year.

Happy workout! Let’s keep the endorphins flowing!