Hiking La Mola


Over the last few weeks of autumn, The Honey Bee and I have been on a hiking spree. We hiked up a volcano (Santa Margardia), around 7 waterfalls/lagoons (7 Gorgs), and yesterday up a famous mountain in Catalonia- La Mola. The route we took was El Cami dels Monjos (The path of the Monks). Referred as such because it leads to a monastery at the top, and presumably because that is the path the monks take/took to get to the monastery.

We were looking forward to this hike all week, especially because it gave us the chance to debut our new hiking staffs. Over the last 2 hikes, we learned the importance of having a staff. It vastly helps reduce pressure on the joints, generally helps balance, and most certainly speeds up the ascent and descent. El Cami dels Monjos was a great experience, and not your typical walk in the park. For the most part, we found that the trail was well-marked.

While it’s just 3.5 kms each way, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded because it was either up, or down most of the way, accompanied by shuffling around a rough path and maneuvering your way across and around large boulders, tree trunks and animal droppings. But, I’m not complaining. We took in some great views, picnicked by a monastery at the top (courtesy of The Honey Bee who was thoughtful enough to pack some delicious sandwiches and drinks), and generally enjoyed being amidst nature. The Honey Bee particularly seemed to enjoy the camaraderie that exists between hikers with just about everyone greeting each other they pass on the trail. My recommendation: an easy-moderate trail worth attempting.

After Thoughts: These experiences have made us realize the importance of outdoor activities. We have promised each other to do more such activities, especially because we both seem to really enjoy them. (We also started roller blading on Barcelona beach earlier this summer).

From very early on, children are encouraged to be active. Even on not so easy hikes, it is surprising to see the large number of children that accompany their parents. In fact, what really surprised us was that we saw newborns, probably close to a month old, accompanying their parents in baby slings. This stands true for other sports activities like running as well, where parents run while pushing their babies in a child carriage. This is testament to the fact that having a child doesn’t have to mean you give up on outdoor activities. If done correctly, it can lead to the parents continuing their lifestyle, while having the positive side effect of encouraging their children to be more active, all the while increasing family bonding. This holds even more importance in today’s day and age where the living room television dominates family life, and children’s lives are bombarded with video games and the ubiquity of fast food.